44 Best Minimalist Organization And Storage Ideas To Apply Asap

Making space in a minimalist environment is top priority. Eliminating the need to store and save a lot of “junk” is the goal in most minimalist living spaces. If you have things that you must hold on to or that you need to survive, then creating the appearance of very few belongings may be the goal.

Some people really are trying to use less, own less, and need less while others just enjoy the look and feel of a minimally decorated home. Some people simply don’t have the room to keep a lot of stuff, so they try to downsize what they own and make the most of a small space.

No matter what your reasons, you can create a minimalist feel in just about any room with just a few adjustments.

Reducing Belongings

Most people run into trouble when trying to downsize when they realize that they do not want to get rid of photographs, souvenirs, kids’ school work, and other keepsakes. You can overcome this hurdle without giving up by creating a specific place for all of these things.

A stand-alone closet or armoire is a great place to start. Built-in cabinets are also great for providing storage without interrupting the clean feel of the space. Let the amount of space that you have available determine how many things you allow yourself to keep.

For some items, a picture of it will serve as a memory keeper without you having to create storage for the whole item. Keep a scrapbook of memories for yourself instead of all the stuff.

Fitting More into a Small Space

Closets are great for keeping things out of sight and organized. However, you may feel like your closet isn’t adequate for the amount of storage that you need. The key is to make the space more efficient before you decide on giving yourself personal restraints for how many clothes and storage items you can handle.

Something as simple as skinny hangers, as opposed to plastic tubular hangers, can save you double or triple the amount of space that you thought you didn’t have. Cascading or coordinate hangers allows you to hang tops and bottoms together, doubling the space again.

TheĀ best skinny hangersĀ are velvet coated, slim, flat hangers that fit really closely together. Unlike wire hangers, these velvet hangers don’t let your clothes slip onto the floor, get tangled up on the bar, or leave rust stains on your clothes. With the right hangers in a closet, you can have more space for storage than you may have ever thought possible.


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