33 Elegant Diy Decor Ideas For Winter

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It’s the holiday season and family is sure to be on their way. You could pull out last years decorations and centerpieces or you could just make new ones. Creating decorations for any occasion can be a very daunting task to the average person.

You may wonder “will my guests know that these are handmade”? How much will this cost me? And “it’s so much easier to just buy them”. The truth of the matter is, if you have a good design and a steady hand you can bring anything to life and make it look like you spent 100 bucks at Pier 1.

Decorating on a Dime

Well not exactly a dime unless you have a few of these items hanging around the house, you might need: a glue gun,glue sticks,bark,twine,mason jars. These items will get you started.

1. Fill a mason jar or any clear vase with fake cranberries,acorns or cinnamon sticks. Add fake snow to the bottom and you have a winter wonderland scene.

2. Take a velour or chenille throw and drape it across any chair in the house. You can find matching fabric and stuffing and create matching pillows.

3. If you know anyone who has birch trees ask for a few branches. Cut them down or leave them tall and tie a piece of twine around them bundling them together. Place next to your fireplace or flanking your Christmas tree. You can also use old vintage suitcases stacked one on top of the other and throw a quilt or blanket across the top. This will give your home a very cozy feel.

4. If you have any quality gift boxes you can wrap each one in red and adorn the top with a Christmas ornament and acorn, this makes a beautiful centerpiece.

5. If you have a large window or bay window use hanging ornaments to bring beauty and the Christmas spirit to that window. Take ribbon and loop through the top of the ornament,adjust your length and staple to the ceiling. Ornaments should vary in length to get visual appeal.

6. Tree branches of any kind work for this decoration. Take branches and spray white. When dry, spray with fast dry glue and sprinkle silver glitter,shake well. When dry arch branches from each side of a doorway creating a wonderland entrance. Where the branches meet at the top secure with twine to ensure stability and presence.


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