38 Cool Metal Buildings Design Ideas For Stylish Buildings

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When considering a new building for you business or organization you may want to think about metal buildings. There are many options and varieties to choose from and can definitely will find the structure that’s right for you. Proceeding with due diligence should be your first step. What design, floor layout, space and functionality are you looking for?

Let me warn you that all metal buildings are not the same. Here are a few design options you should consider before deciding which to build. Each design has its own niche and is favored by one group of the metal building design population or the other. We will describe three of the more popular options below.

One option is the hybrid steel building system. It is flexible, can be assembled relatively quickly, compared to traditional structures, in a more streamlined and efficient way. Keep I mind when the assembly time is shortened so is the bill for construction. When investing in a new building, the time it takes to build is a very real consideration and should not be ignored when overall costs are considered.

Another design option is the single grade option. This metal building design features an inclined roof connecting the higher wall on the opposing side. This option is simple, yet very functional and is used in many strip shopping centers across the nation.

The last options are the symmetrical and the asymmetrical gables. Both of them are the popular choice for many developers. The asymmetrical gable design allows the roof ridge to be intentionally off centered and is very common design for restaurants and specialty shops, allowing for the symmetrical design to be centered. These four designs are the most popular by far, when selecting a metal building, but are not the only ones to choose from…


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