34 Casual Rock Garden Landscaping Design Ideas To Try This Year

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Rock gardens landscaping can be a little bit intimidating. I am sure everyone has a story of looking at someone else’s eye catching layout, and dreamed of having their own rock garden at home. Here are some tips to get you started in the rock gardens landscaping hobby!

1. Prepare the foundation with care!
Unless you are starting by carving your garden out of a rocky hillside, you will be clearing some existing space to serve as your rock garden. If the area has had some vegetation, you can prepare your garden space by covering the desired area with newspapers, then covering the paper with dirt. This will block both light and nutrients, and the vegetation will soon die out.

2. Decide what size your garden will be
It is important to decide how large or small your rock garden will be. A small location will make the construction job more manageable. A larger location will require a lot more rocks to be transported to the site. If you are uncertain as to which choice to make, start with a small rock garden on one side of the area you are considering. If the garden is a success, you can add to it over time.

3. Pick the color of your rocks
Rocks and stones come in many different colors. You should be able to find a wide range of colors at a specialty rock store. Another part of this choice is knowing the size of the rocks, as well as their appearance if they are broken into smaller pieces. Mix and match as you see fit to support the color scheme and layout you are planning for.

4. Plants or no plants?
Rock gardens often have a number of plants which complement the rock arrangement. You need to account for the varying amounts of soil amongst the rocks, as well as pathways for root to penetrate to get water and nutrients. Consult a seasonal plant guide to see what works well in your area.

5. Use small rocks as a mulch or filler material
When you begin placing plants around your rock garden, there will be gaps in the overall appearance of the garden. You can use small rocks or even pebbles to fill in these paces. Try to match the surrounding colors to allow the pebbles to blend into the landscape.

As you can see, rock gardens landscaping does not need to be overwhelming. Use your sense of color and form to guide you in selecting your materials. With the tips presented here, you have a great head start on preparing your own rock garden!