38 Smart Linen Closet Organization Makeover Ideas To Try This Year

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Of course track shelving systems look like the answer to all of our closet nightmares. Don’t you get a feeling of peace all over when you see those in magazines? The truth is your closet probably suffers from just one or two ailments that need a simple solution rather than a whole makeover.

Whether it’s a pile of shoes on the floor of your closet or a mountain of sweaters that teeter on the shelf above the clothes rod, what you likely need is more space to “set” things. One or two simple closet shelving solutions might be all you need.

Enhance your existing shelving

Let’s start with the shelf that already exists above your clothes rod. It’s there, why not use it? You may just need some simple accessories to make them easier to use. You can find shelf dividers that attach to the shelf and separate stacks of sweaters, blankets, shoes, hats, etc. and keep them neat instead of in stacks that bend over and turn into a mess.

Even if your shelf is too high you can store items you don’t need often like out-of-season clothes or blankets that you only switch out occasionally. Wire dividers typically come in a pack of two and cost around $7 to $10. They slide over standard wooden shelves.

Stackable shelves allow you to put a smaller shelf on your existing built-in shelf. You can have two stacks of two sweaters on the shelf above the rod and place a stackable shelf on top of the shelf and then you have a surface for four more sweaters.

You can easily access the sweaters under the stackable shelf without causing an avalanche. You may also consider bins for smaller, loose items like hair accessories, scarves, or socks. You can find some nice linen ones that are collapsible and have a place for a label.

Racks and Cubes

You probably also have some space on the floor of your closet under the clothes rod. There are a variety of wire racks that actually work really well for shoes and sweaters. A four-tier shelf can hold eight pairs of shoes sweaters on the bottom two racks, and eight sweaters the top two racks. Or you may want to store some of your handbags there. Whatever you choose, they’ll look neat and will be easy to access. Prices range from $30 to $45.

Modular storage is probably not something you think of when you think about closet shelving. But a new product is much more convenient and lightweight than what you may be familiar with. Way Basics makes eco-friendly modular storage pieces that are made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper.

They’re super strong, less than half the weight of particle board or plywood and come in awesome fashion colors. You can buy cubes or rectangles that work in limitless configurations. With peel-and-stick edges, they’re a cinch to assemble too. A few of these modular pieces will have your closet looking professionally decorated and it won’t break the bank.


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