38 Cool Diy Wooden Cabinet Design Ideas For Book To Try

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Preassembled cabinets are getting popular. Although they are very convenient to buy, they still cannot compete with the quality of the traditional wooden cabinets. If you want durability in a customized design, you can opt to build your own fixture. By simply knowing the basic techniques, you can assemble this on your own during the weekend. Here are the steps that you need to do for your project.

Choose the Materials

Even if do-it-yourself cabinets are widely available in the market, you should not settle for them if you want durability. Get the sturdy and durable types of wood like the oak, pine or maple. Wooden cabinets made from these materials will give you longer years of satisfaction.

Take Measurements

To avoid wasting your wooden cabinets, do all the measurements first before cutting the materials. Measure the space where you will place the cabinet to ensure a perfect fit. Use a pencil to mark the correct dimensions needed to cut the wood accurately, like the width, height and length.

Cut the Materials

Cut the materials in your desired size. Follow the pre-marked dimensions to ensure the correct measurements. Roughly assemble the wooden cabinets to see if they fit. If not, polish the edges using sand paper.


Once you have the perfect fit, you can now start to assemble them. Drill holes in the locations of screws and use wood glue as added support to keep the junction clean and firm. Attach the doors to the hinges and try opening and closing them to ensure smooth movements both ways.


Once you are finished assembling your wooden cabinets, polish the fixtures. Use sand paper to polish all the surfaces of the wood, so as to make it smooth and sleek. Use wood putty to cover the visible screws. You can choose to use varnish or maybe just use ordinary paint for the final touch. Attach the door handles by drilling screws.