36 Fabulous Exterior Decoration Ideas With Flower In Window

Windows are part of the house that is rarely viewed by the owner. Window will give you great look in the winter especially in white Christmas. You can see the snow on the window and look at the street with sparkling lamps. People should know that window can make the room atmosphere if you make the right model. The most basic window decoration is curtain.

Curtain is one of the simplest decorations. You can easily install it by yourself. Even if installing a curtain is very easy, it does not mean that installing curtain will change nothing in your interior. You will see that the right curtain will give you best view in your room.

The thing that you should know regarding curtain is the shape of your window. You need to have a suitable curtain for your window. If you install improper curtain, it will make the window look less beautiful.

You can try to combine round wood window with plain white curtain. It will make a good combination that will increase the beauty. You can also place flower in a vase near the window. The flower will make a small garden impression. It will enhance the window look.

If you want to make a small renovation in your house, you can revitalize your window. You should integrate the model of the window with the theme of the room. This is important since the design of the window can be seen from out and inside the house. It will be better if you add various combination to enhance the view.

The second that you can do is placing small pots outside the window. You can place it right under the window. You can put flower or other plants in the pot. It will enhance the look and the window appearance.

Color is one of the other things that you need to see. Paint the window frame with colorful paint. You can also integrate the color with the theme. If the interior theme is country, you can install white curtain with lace curtain. This curtain will make a romantic impression for girl’s room.

It will be very good if you combine various window models for your place. You can install square or round even big and large window in a room. The window will give you certain accent. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your interior and exterior look.


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