33 Fascinating Small Storage Design Ideas To Not Miss Today

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Small storage sheds can be of great use to any household. They can serve numerous purposes besides helping you store your items safely. The benefits of using small storage sheds include the following:

1. They actually save the space as otherwise the tools, plants and pots, small items etc would linger around here and there and eat up the useful space in your home.

2. They can add to the décor of your house. They can be placed in the corner of the backyard or the lawn and give an aesthetic appeal to your space.

3. They help you keep your belonging in a much more organized fashion.

Small storage sheds are in vogue these days and an increasing number of people are turning to them. People either choose the small storage shed kits or go for building and setting their sheds on their own.

It is not a difficult task to build a shed and you can actually save a lot of money by choosing to do so. The other great advantage by building the shed yourself is that you can choose the shape, size, color and look of the shed. All you have to do is choose the right raw material needed for building the shed. Below is explained a simple step by step technique to build the small storage shed for your home.

1. The time required for building the shed is just a couple of days. You would however need another pair of hands to help you out.

2. The standard size of the shed could be 8 feet by 10 feet. The roof can be of gable. Plywood sheathing can be used to give a protective layering to the outside walls of the shed. If you intend to provide the cabin with insulation fabric, you can choose 2 inch by 6 inch material for the purpose of framing, otherwise a 2 inch by 4 inch material would do.

3. The soil beneath the shed should be dry and level so that it can provide adequate support to the shed. Pre fabricated blocks of concrete are the best option for providing the footing of the shed.

4. You would need about 6 to 8 piers for the standard size of cabin. The piers can be placed one each at the corners and midway.

5. For flooring, you can use 2 by 6 inch floor joists. In case you wish to store something heavy in the shed, go for 2 by 10 inch joists. The floor joists should be built by using the lumber that is pressure treated as it would be in contact with the concrete footing. A single row of timber blocks should be laid on the floor along its center to provide further strengthening to the base and help prevent the bouncing of floor. Take care of the moisture aspect while deciding the material for flooring.

6. The walls along with the doors and windows should be framed separately and then erected into the place. The walls should finally be covered with the sheathing to finish the job.