35 Wonderful European Interior Design Ideas To Inspire Yourself

1 min read

What is your style? What do you want your furnishing to say about you? Are you casual, formal, family friendly, European, Cape Cod, country, Victorian, stately or comfortable? What does your home say about who lives here? Can you tell the personality of the people who live there or is it a model home look that could be any family? What is important to you? What are your passions, hobbies, interest? Think about those things that you love most and integrated them into your overall design.

Interior design in New Jersey can be so many things to so many different people. Don’t worry about the neighbors; use colors, fabrics, styles and accents that are pleasing and comforting to you.

A couple of details that might help after you have chosen the right look for you; a rule of thumb that everyone seems to forget about when hanging pictures is “don’t shoot them out of cannons.” In our design classes we learned that a picture should hang at a comfortable height for the activity of that room.

If you are in the living room, it is a sitting area and pictures should be hung low. Most people hang their pictures way too high; think sitting, think short people, the effect is softer and more blended.

If you are not going to replace your furniture every couple of years, go with neutral colors, ageless fabrics and neutral large pieces, use your accents to infuse bold colors and patterns. Use what you love and incorporated it into the over all design.

If grandma left you an old milk jug that you love, incorporated it, you will be glad you did. Everything doesn’t have to match exactly, just blend it in. Decide your style, your passions and your home will be pleasing and comfortable to you.