37 Favored Cork Furniture Accessories Ideas To Try

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When you have purchased your new bedroom furniture, and before it has arrived on your doorstep, now is the time to consider what to put on the floor of your bedroom. One option is cork tiles which is a good looking and tough floor covering. It is a natural product coming in different colours, shapes and sizes so you will have no problem choosing what suits your room and furniture best.

A good reason to lay cork tiles in the bedroom is that mould and bugs of any type are put off by these floor tiles because of a waxy waterproof substance present in the cork called suberin. It prevents any penetration of the flooring by these nuisances so if you suffer from allergies such as dust mites and the like cork tiles should be considered for the bedroom.

This is the room where we sleep at least six to eight hours every night, breathing in the air around us, so anything that will lessen our chances of triggering an allergy should be high on our list of priorities. Hygiene is also a factor where allergies are concerned and as cork tiles are easy to clean and maintain, either with a vacuum cleaner or simply a damp cloth, which will gather up all dust particles leaving your floor clean and dust free, it should be a consideration.

Around bedroom furniture cork tiles will bring out the natural warmth of your furniture adding to that cosy feel everyone likes. It is also durable with a long life, and has the added benefit of being easily repaired as the tiles can be replaced individually. Cork floor tiles also absorb sound and are warm to walk on, which is important during those cold winter months.