41 Beautiful Fall Porch Decor Ideas That Looks Modern

1 min read

Who could not use a few quick fall decorating tips when the kids go back to school, football becomes a water cooler topic, and the daylight fades earlier in the evening? When your schedule is full and there is little time to relax, some helpful tips may be just what you need.

Try these ideas to create some festive fall curb appeal on your porch.

  • Outdoor doormat – this is an easy way to add fall colors and dress up your front door area at the same time. Choose a doormat that is durable and will collect leaves and dirt easily. If you have trouble color coordinating your porch, use the colors in the door mat as a guide. Pick one or two colors and use them when selecting an outdoor rug, pillows, or amenities.
  • Outdoor rug – an outdoor rug can be enjoyed almost year round. They are made especially for exterior use and add both beauty and functionality. It will warm a seating area or place in front of your porch swing.
  • Wreath – dress up your front door with a colorful autumn wreath. Wreaths come in all price ranges so there is sure to be on to fit any budget. Have kids or grand kids? Help them make a wreath for your front door. You can use natural materials like twigs, corn stalks, and even colorful corn. Use ribbons in fall colors to tie it all together.
  • Chrysanthemums (or mums)- nothing says fall quite like mums. Create curb appeal by choosing all of the same color or mix two or three together. Adorn your porch steps but take care not to cause a tripping hazard. For an added touch paint the pots autumn colors also. Again, you can paint them all the same color or mix and match.
  • Traditional pumpkins – they are always a welcome sight in the fall. This year group them together in strategic locations on your porch for a coordinated look. Not good at carving them? Use stencils to paint decorative faces or scenes on the pumpkins. Kids of all ages have fun doing that and it is safer than carving for the little ones.

These five quick decorating ideas should get you started this year in creating a welcoming and colorful fall porch. Remember, it is all about the color. Choose a main color and add one or two more to create your own unique look.