Unusual Lights Design Ideas To Beautify The Garden29
Unusual Lights Design Ideas To Beautify The Garden29

35 Unusual Lights Design Ideas To Beautify The Garden

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The feeling of not having the best looking garden is very common among home farmers. Sometimes it is something small that is missing but you just can’t think of what it is. The garden needs something to help take the dullness away from it. You can add garden lights to help brighten things up. The lighting options for gardens are endless because there are so many colors and light angles that you can use.

Small candles are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your garden. Some candles can even add pleasant aromas to the outside of your home. You can use them to create your dream garden or backyard setting. There are special candle houses that can be placed around your garden from fish bowls, bags, and even hollowed out vegetables.

Free standing torches are another way to give a more tropical feel to your garden setting. Some garden supply stores offer bamboo torches that are strong and last a long time. The only problem with the use of fire as light is that there may be many combustibles in your garden that can catch fire quickly.

A garden lantern is a cheap option that can be found in most garden supply shops. You can get them in different color and designs. Garden lanterns that are made for lighting up large areas don’t always come in fancy patterns like those of flowers and mushrooms. These lights are ideal for places where people need to walk or spots that you want to highlight directly.

If you want an Asian feel, you can try Chinese lanterns to light things up. Chinese lanterns are great because they are able to be hung from trees or thin wires across the top of your garden. The Chinese are very excited about their styles of lanterns which mean that you have the advantage of using their design skill and tastes in your garden.

If you plan on having a party, then focus more on the light rather than the style. Use your common knowledge to guide you to the proper lighting for your garden. Those examples were just a drop in the bucket compared to what you can do. You should be able to come up with more great ideas just based off these few examples.


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