37 Adorable Diy Christmas Lights Cookies Ideas For Your Décor That Looks Cool

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It is that time of year. The most joyous time of year. Christmas and all the decadence that comes with it! In my household Christmas also means cookies! My husband and I love to bake, and Christmas cookies make for the best baking around. One of the most popular Christmas cookies in existence is the gingerbread cookie.

Growing up, my mother was not much of a baker. I do not remember loads of cookies or fresh-baked bread to devour during the holidays. However, when I married my husband I took on his family’s tradition of baking. On our first Christmas together, when we were still dating, my husband took me to his home where he was still living with his parents, for a day of Christmas baking. His mother did this every year and this year he invited me! I was so excited. It is truly a good and bad thing. Good because I love spending the time in the kitchen, but bad because of the extra calories. However, Christmas only comes once a year, so I believe calories shouldn’t matter!

We started the day with making snowball cookies and then moved on to haystacks. After we completed those came the Christmas gingerbread cookies! We made the dough, rolled it out, and cut it into various shapes. We had: gingerbread men, gingerbread women, candy canes, Christmas trees, angels and more.

After we baked the cookies, came the fun part, decorating the cookies! With tubes of frosting, candy bits and more we decorated the cookies and had so much fun. That is the wonderful thing about Christmas gingerbread cookies, it really is the cookie that the whole family can help make. Children and kids love to help in the kitchen and I truly cannot think of a better way than decorating Christmas cookies.

Christmas gingerbread cookies recipes are readily available. I have seen some of my favorite chefs, Paula Deen and Ina Garten, make them on their Food Network Shows. If you look on the internet you can find thousands of these recipes readily available.

Since I first started that tradition years ago of making Christmas gingerbread cookies with my husband, I now look forward to it every year. We both relish in the opportunity to make cookies and decorate them together. It wouldn’t be Christmas time without it. It has become almost important and fundamental as putting up the tree, wrapping the presents and driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Now that is saying a lot!


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