33 Unique Diy Flower Bed Ideas For Front Yard To Try

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I guess most agree with me that a good looking front yard would enhance the look in your entire property. And I don’t mean just the aesthetic side of things. In most cases, properties with nice looking front yards would naturally attract a more hefty property value as well. If that doesn’t prompt you to look over some front yard flowers landscaping ideas, I wonder what else can.

Flowers, by nature, adds beauty and color to its surrounding. You put a nice display of flowers in your front yard and it’s bound to turn some heads and make others appreciate the beauty. Guests would feel more welcomed and passersby notice your home as it stands out from all others in your neighborhood.

These benefits would surely compel you to start growing flowering plants in our front yard. But before you do any of that, here are some practical tips to help you as guidelines in landscaping front yard flowers.


A good location would make all the difference in landscaping your front yard flower beds. Since flowers would naturally draw the attention of most people, it is only logical to set the flower beds as the focal point of the landscape.

Some people would set the flower beds near the door or entrance of the house. This location would give a very homey and welcoming effect to the house. On the other hand, if you set it out further in front, it gives the feeling of privacy to your side of the property while beautifying the view there on the street.

If you have some other structure in your front yard, a patio, porch or deck perhaps, you need to have the flower bed positioned and arranged in such a way that enhances and complements the structure superbly.


Your choice of style is a matter of personal preference. Style are generally categorized as traditional or the more symmetrical look or the cottage garden look. For your choice, you may want to also take note of the architecture of your house and have that style extend even in your flower landscaping.

A traditional arrangement have that manicured and well trimmed look. It is very symmetrical and orderly in its arrangements according to the size and color of flower. On the other hand, a cottage garden look is precisely the look you would expect if you are to chance upon a country cottage. Flowers abounding everywhere in no particular order. Its abundance of blossom and colors is its own charm if it is done in the right setting.

Choice of Flowers

For most people who want to landscape their front yard with flowers, they mostly become confused when faced with the question of what variety of flowers to grow. Well, in this instance, you should categorize flowering plants as perennials or annuals. Annuals are those flower which you have to plant every year while perennials are those varieties which grow and replenish every single year, so there’s no need for you to plant these every year.

If you don’t want to face the prospect of having to plant every year, perennials like butterfly bush, shasta daisies or day lilies would make an awesome choice. If you want a combination of both perennials and annuals, make sure that you make perennial plants the backbone of your landscaping design. Aside from this, I strongly suggest that you start with no more than 5 different varieties of plants. Once you get the hand of landscaping flowers, then, you can definitely add more.