Fantastic Open Plan Living Room Design Ideas To Copy Right Now 32
Fantastic Open Plan Living Room Design Ideas To Copy Right Now 32

33 Fantastic Open Plan Living Room Design Ideas To Copy Right Now

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The economy has seen many victims – from high earning bankers to those at the lower end of the spectrum facing house repossession. But it has also hit many middle earners. For those whose incomes haven’t grown, even if their clutter or families have, their homes can feel cramped and too small.

But whereas in the nineties you may have considered upgrading, the economy is now forcing more families to stay put – figures from Savills suggest homeowners are likely to stay put for 17 years before moving on.

Can’t Move? Improve!

Previously home owners moved on average every seven years, but the rungs of the property ladder have been badly damaged. If you feel you’ve outgrown your space, you can consider ways of making the most of it. If you’re stuck for a number of years, it’s worth a small investment in time and money to create a better quality of life.

Check out these top tips to boost your living quarters:

• Declutter – All homes are at risk of drowning in the accumulated possessions we collate over the years. Take a good hard look at what you actually use, want or need and give the rest to the charity shop, e-bay or recycling depot.

• Dead spaces – According to interior designers, homes can feature a lot of ‘dead spaces’ on landings, halls or in awkward places. These can be used to fit shelves or storage, helping clear up and organise your space.

• Use hidden spaces – such as under the bed – as storage. Invest in mirrors to help open up small spaces.

• Invest in bi-fold doors to open up a room, while still having the choice to partition it off. Open plan living helps create space and encourages natural light.

• Investing in fitted cupboards and wardrobes will also help you maximise your space.

• If you are willing to spend money, add extra living space with a loft conversion or conservatory. If you are doing a ground floor extension – make sure it enhances natural light by using lots of glass.

• Cupboards are crucial to help keep your space clutter-free.

• Bi-fold doors can help open the interior room to the exterior, helping create a better flow of space and natural light. They can also be used for smaller rooms such as laundry rooms or closets.


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