35 Fascinating Kitchen Design Ideas With Victorian Style

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At some point in your adult life, you will probably reflect back on your childhood and what you remember your mothers or grandmothers kitchen looking and smelling like. There was also something good in the kitchen and it was something that you never forget. One such look was the Victorian decor in the kitchen, which gave it a simple yet elegant look. If its time to update your kitchen decor, try the Victorian decor in your kitchen.

A quick trip to an antique store, estate auction, or online auction will help you find the decorations you need to complete your Victorian kitchen look.


The colors to use for a Victorian style is cream, mauve, and light blue. You can incorporate these colors into your kitchen in several ways. Paint the doors of your cabinets blue and trim them in white. You can accessorize the countertops with mauve. The countertops can be butchers block instead of a solid color.

Complete the look of your kitchen with wrought iron accessories. Flowerpots at the back door, wrought iron coat hanger that stands in the corner to hang your apron and jacket can have a place in your kitchen decor. Place a shelf on the wall to display hurricane candleholders and candles.


Make your curtains or purchase them. You can take one of the three colors listed above; blue, cream, or mauve and trim it in ruffles. Wide ruffles are acceptable with the Victorian look. Tablecloths need to have the same design as the curtains so that everything matches and coordinates. Place lace around your tablecloth like you did the curtains.


You can purchase a small dresser or wash stand and sand it off then paint it white. You can decorate it with Victorian style decorations. When decorating the furniture you will want to set up the largest pieces first and then you can accessorize the large pieces so that everything looks clean and simple.


Walls can display your love for Victorian decor. Hang a wicker fan with a touch of flowers at the bottom. You can also add diamond shaped mirrors or square mirrors that are placed in a white frame.

The kitchen is a great place to display style and sophistication and you don’t have to do a lot of rearranging to get there. Cottage style decor and Victorian style decor have a lot in common so you will be able to get a few simple decorating ideas from cottage decor as well.


The kitchen floors should be done in cream color linoleum. This will allow you to accessorize with your other colors. Round braided rugs can be placed in front of the fireplace if you have one in your kitchen or at your stove. You can also place braided rugs in front of the refrigerator and sink. You want to provide comfort and style in your kitchen. The cream color flooring will make the room seem larger than it really is and it will make it look cleaner. It will also help to blend in all the colors that you have used in your kitchen decor.