40 Attractive Summer Wedding Decor For Outdoor Ideas To Try Asap

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All of us wish to get married in nice weather. This is the primary reason why the summer weddings are so popular. June is hence a very common time for the marriages. In this time of the year people feel free to arrange the wedding in the outdoors. In this phase of the year, your family & friends as well enjoy the wedding ceremonies to the brim as they feel free to wear anything & they can plan some adjoining trips as well.

Well, whatever the reason may be select summer time for the wedding, in case your wedding is planned in the summer time it is great fun to incorporate the idea of summer wedding favors to distribute among the guests.

Here are some ideas that you can use to select the wedding favors for the summer season:

1. Beach Themed Weddings

a. This is perhaps the most fun type of wedding theme for the summertime.

b. You can have the ceremony & reception take pace on a mesmerizing beach.

c. Another idea may be that you can have a beach type décor in your indoors only.

d. In either of the cases, however, the bride & the groom are likely to opt giving way beach related items as wedding favors among the guests.

e. For instance, magnets shaped in the form of sandals are quite a popular option among the wedding favors with a beach theme.

2. Candles

a. Another very romantic & classy wedding favor for the summer time can be candles that are specially designed to symbolize the summers.

b. Candles shapes like seashells are very commonly given out as summer wedding favors.

c. Votive candles with the holders that are designed like the sand pails are also a great summer wedding favor item.

d. Candles shapes like dolphins & whales are also quite classy.

e. While some of these options might be very expensive, you must first consider your budget and then select the wedding favors.

3. Artificial Leis & Other Flowers

a. Artificial leis and / or the other flowers also serve as the appropriate wedding favors for the summer weddings.

b. In case you are planning for flowers as the center pieces on the tables, plan giving all your guests one single flower. This not only would look quite beautiful & romantic, but a very classy gift as you can use the center pieces as the wedding favor.

c. This way your wedding favors would be used to enhance the décor of the reception as you would be able to match all the center pieces.

d. Giving away a fresh flower in the form of a wedding favor is quite appropriate.

e. Though you can also opt to give away an artificial flower.

f. Artificial flowers have a benefit that these can be treasured by the guests for life as the memento of the wedding.

g. The fresh flowers dry away but the guests who really want to preserve it can dry & press the flower and cherish it as a memento. Though very few of them would do the drill simply discard the flower once it wilts.

4. Picture Frames

a. In the summer weddings picture frames also serve as a popular wedding favor.

b. Picture frames are available in unlimited styles, designs, colors, shapes & sizes.

c. With the right colors & style you can actually gist that real summer feel to the guests with the picture frames.

d. Picture frames with beach scenes are adorned by the couples.

e. These also come along with seashells embellished on them.

f. A host of other whimsical options are also there that convey quite an accomplished meaning of the summer time.

g. Also it is a very practical gist in all regards.

h. The couples may also opt to put in their picture in the photo frame that the guests can cherish for ever.

i. Picture frames are used by every house so they are quite an appreciated gift as well.


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