36 Astonishing Holiday Decorating Ideas With Lights To Try This Season

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Decorating a home for the holidays gives it a warm, magical look. Although the task of pulling out tangled strands of lights from storage, and checking to make sure each bulb works may seem nostalgic, save yourself some time this year and use LED lights instead. LED (light-emitting diode) lights are safer, brighter and more cost-efficient than the traditional tungsten counterparts.

When you drop a traditional bulb, you expect it to break, but an LED stays intact because it has an epoxy lens that is virtually indestructible. Even if a bulb on a strand of LEDs burns out or is faulty, the remaining lights will continue to work.

Additionally, LEDs are up to 90% more efficient than traditional light bulbs. They have a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours outdoors and last twice as long indoors. LED light technology only uses 0.08 watts per bulb. A traditional incandescent mini Christmas light uses 0.48 watts of energy and standard C7 incandescent bulbs use 6.0 watts. When it comes to your electric bill, energy efficient LED lights will save you a lot of money.

Tips for decorating with LED lights

Consider lighting your tree with LEDs this year. Live trees get dry if you don’t water them, plus they have natural oils in them that make them a potential fire hazard, especially if you use traditional lights that emit heat. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch no matter how long you leave them turned on, because of the low watts they use, thus preventing burns and fires so you can have peace of mind.

Other fire hazards include real candles on trees and windowsills. LED lights, however, give you the same romantic look without worrying about house fires or messy wax cleanups.

Give your fireplace an additional glow by framing it with mini LEDs and hanging them on the underside of the mantle. If you have a garland across the mantle, consider wrapping it with LEDs to make this decoration stand out more.

You can even find your favorite outdoor holiday decor with LEDs now, including outdoor tree lights, mechanical reindeer and hanging icicles. Accent your home’s landscaping by placing LED bulbs and solar-powered snowflake stake lights along your lawn or picket fence. Use LED rope lights to illuminate walkways and stairs that lead to your front door. If you plan to host a holiday party, your guests will appreciate this special touch.

LED party accessories that light up are also available on the market. Purchase glasses and stemware in holiday LED light colors, and give each guest his or her own illuminated glass. Add to the festive mood with some LED-lit party platters, punch bowls and serving bowls, and LED-lit olive picks that can double as finger food skewers.

There is almost no limit on the decorating options available that use energy efficient LED lights. The only limit out there now is how bright your neighbors will let you illuminate your home before they complain.


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