Classy Shutters Design Ideas That Will Amaze You 28
Classy Shutters Design Ideas That Will Amaze You 28

33 Classy Shutters Design Ideas That Will Amaze You

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Wood adds a natural element to your home, but the very thing that makes nature beautiful also makes it unpredictable. Interior wood shutters are one way to add elegance and warmth, but you must work hard to match your wood blinds to your home. Do not worry, this work is the most fun part of interior design. Taking an idea and using the bounty of the earth to make you home uniquely yours is the excitement of interior design – the excitement of wood.

Interior wood shutters are a fixed wood blind that allows you to mix and match window treatments while allowing for both natural light and privacy. In an era of cheap plastic blinds, the wood shutter is a truly classy design. Wood shutters are more sturdy than wood blinds. They are also easier to clean and decorate, as the shutter basically becomes part of your home.

Most people do not use curtains or any other window treatments with their shutters, but with a little foresight you can find the perfect matching curtains. Paired wood shutters and curtains will certainly raise the value of your home. Wood blinds do not need curtains. On their own, these shutters take a time honored design element to the home. They come in a variety of hardwoods, painted, as well as faux wood. Price should not be a major concern because they come in a variety of finishes and designs. Natural woods like pine and cedar can be finished in almost any stain.

The design of your interior panel is also as varied as a venetian wood blind. Wood shutters com in slats, solid panels, and whatever your custom blind manufacturer can come up with. The mounting and instillation of shutters is not all that involved, so the average Do-it-yourself handyman should have no trouble. Pick whether you want the wood shutter mounted inside or outside the window frame.

When picking a wood blind, first determine your budget and ideal design. Faux wood is cheaper but less stylish and durable. Think about how your shutters will mix with both your furniture and overall house design. Then contact a custom blinds manufacturer and get working!


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