36 Lovely Living Room Decor Ideas That Cozy And Chic

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Living Room

1. Start your living room furniture plan with a mantel or the best seating furniture in the room and work from there.

2. In a large living room, create several seating areas that will comfortably accommodate both small and large gatherings, and make sure to limit the maximum grouping to eight people.

3. Divide large living rooms by 3, 5, 7 or 9, never by 2.

4. For a small living room space, select plain colored upholstery for sofas or chairs instead of bold plaids, stripes, or prints. Use texture of neutral tones if you can.

5. Rugs can be used as subdivisions in a room, acting as frameworks for specific seating areas without any architectural changes.

6. When it comes to small rooms, futons are ideal because they serve two functions – sleeping and seating.

7. Don’t push your sofa up against the wall. Think of it as an opportunity to show off its back. For many of us, we simply use an end table. But by placing a folding table and a couple of chairs behind the sofa, you are creating a cozy breakfast nook. You can also consider converting it into a desk by adding a chair and a task lamp. If your living space is compact, simply put shelving, storage behind the sofa.

8. End tables should be higher than 30″. Nightstand should be somewhere from 36″ to 38″ in height.

9. For modern decor, strong, clear colors are easier to live with than pale colors in the long run. People tend to think the opposite way, but believe it or not, we get bored of pale, soft colors much quicker.

10. Allow 15-18 inches of legroom between coffee tables and sofas.

11. The optimal height for a coffee table is somewhere between 20″ and 24″, depending on your height and comfortable zone.

12. When using velvet on sofas or chairs, make sure always use low-pile velvet. This is because if you put plush velvet on seats, you’ll see the shadow of a person behind when he/she gets up. A big mistake!

13. Don’t hang a mirror between windows, because this would create distracts from the view. And don’t place mirrors in EVERY room or over EVERY mantel! Mirrors by themselves are not art, and your room needs art.

14. The perfect amount of space between a mirror and the top of a mantel is 7”!

15. Every room of your house or flat needs a touch of black, whether placing a black furniture, upholstery, or accessories.

16. In winter time, use warm accent color to highlight certain areas in the living room to achieve the modern look without making you feel ‘cold’. For example, if you have a white or pale sofa, toss a few orange or red cushions on it; rest an orange vase on the shelf above the TV; get a golden, white or ruby red rug to lie beneath the coffee table.

17. In old days, women would match their pillows to the bedspread. Nowadays, it will look more chic to have a variety of throw pillows made from different fabrics. Don’t pair up pillows as though they’re animals on Noah’s Ark. Try an odd number of pillows on a sofa.

18. Throw pillows with Turkish corners are so much plumper and look more luxe than the “perfect” linear and regular square ones. And they soften and complement a modern sofa very well.

19. To fashion a peaceful reading spot for your sofa, use plush knit and tapestry pillows of different sizes alongside quilted satin. Choose closely related colors for the pillows to keep the look balanced; satin you use will add romance.

20. For television watching, the traditional guidance for viewing distance is 2 times the size of the TV screen.

21. The ideal height to hang your flat-screen TV is at eye level when you’re in viewing position.