35 Marvelous Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas That You Must Try

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Sometimes the traditions of Christmas can become utterly boring to some people. If this is the year for a change for you, then consider creating a decorating theme not with what is, but what you’d like it to be.

For example, city dwellers might long for Christmas in the country, in a cozy cabin amid fragrant forests topped with snow. Those who live in the suburbs or a small town could wonder what a sophisticated Christmas might be like. Or the hobbyist or sports fanatic might want the holiday to look like their favorite pastime.

Any of these heart’s desires and more can be expressed in a creative Christmas theme for home decorating. Whether it’s a spouse’s favorite sport or a child’s favorite toys, creative decorating puts the spice and sparkle back into the holiday.

What kind of Country theme would the family prefer? Something like a Western cabin or ranch house? Then gather up some pine cones, dried berries and fall leaves to make wreaths and other display. Select ornaments that look like cowboy boots and hats, leather vests and horses for a ranch style, or get little forest animals like moose and bear ornaments for a more rustic Lodge feel. Either way, consider adding some pillows, throws and a natural fiber area rug to complete the decorating scheme. Get a real Christmas tree and hang up those ornaments.

For a more classic Country decorating, think quilts, baskets with fabric ribbons, bows made of raffia, and ornaments of hammered tin. Consider tiny bird nests to hold fruit made of wood or small bird houses hung with fabric ribbons. Hang small woven baskets with fabric ribbons. Small quilt blocks on embroidery hoops make eye-catching tree ornaments, or cover foam balls with fabric scraps in country patterns such as calico or plaid. In fact, fabrics in calico or plaid can serve lots of uses in a Country decorating theme, such as table runners or even gift wrappings. An old quilt would make a fabulous tree skirt, as well as a table topper for any room. Don’t forget to get a braided oval rug for in front of the fireplace or under the tree.

A truly outdoors kind of holiday decorating theme would be to let the Christmas tree in its natural state be the center of attention. Instead of shiny ornaments, opt for natural adornments: pine cones, carved wooden ornaments, acorns by themselves or strung into garlands, even dried leaves. Let everything remain in its natural condition.

With small children in the house, a fun decorating theme that’s also safe is a farmhouse motif. Select wooden ornaments shaped like barnyard animals such as pigs, chickens, horses and cows. Include a bright red barn and the farmer and his wife as well in the selection. Stand these figures up in tabletop displays surrounded by miniature painted fencing as well as hanging them on the Christmas tree.

Whether it’s a cozy cottage Christmas or a holiday filled with tennis racquets and soccer balls, focusing on the family’s favorite pastime can result in a holiday decorating theme that’s sure to delight relatives and guests alike.


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