35 Excellent Small Kitchen Decor Ideas On A Budget

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You can transform your small kitchen by decorating it in an aesthetic way. Small kitchens can feel cramped and cluttered just by having the necessary elements and appliances in them. You do not want to add to this effect but making the room seem even busier. Check out these four small kitchen decorating tips to help you achieve a pleasing and workable kitchen area.

Glass Front Cabinets

One simple small kitchen decorating trick is to add glass to the front of your cabinets. This makes the space more appealing, and the glass will help reflect more light around the room. While it is not good to introduce too many patterns into the space it may be beneficial to have some sort of design in the glass. This will hide the items behind the glass, but still allow the added light to be brought into the room. Just do not go too crazy with the design. Something with long lines to make the cabinet appear taller works best.

You may also want to think about getting rid of some of the doors entirely. This may be an easy way to add appeal and decoration to the room without spending any money. Choose a cabinet that is not cluttered with items or that can easily be turned into more of a display than a storage space.

Add Depth

Adding depth to a room can completely transform it into a larger looking space. To do this you can simply paint one wall a different or more striking color than the others. For this small decorating tip, keep in mind that you do not want to go too dark because that will make the room appear smaller. Also, paint a wall that is further into a room to draw your eye in.

Think Large and Small

When thinking about your small kitchen decorating you are probably trying to keep items as small and compact as possible. While this is a good general idea, it is also best to mix elements of large and small. This will keep the room from looking like a box of large cabinets with micro-sized appliances. Your cabinets are already big, so some small appliances are good but a large pot rack or wire rack on the wall can help balance them out. A smaller section of hooks or baskets with cooking utensils can pull the whole look together. Just remember small decorating does not always have to mean that all the elements are small.

Do Not Clutter the Fridge

Many people use their refrigerator to show off their kid’s drawings or to post pictures. This is not a good idea with small kitchen decorating. It may be nice to show off these items, but it makes your kitchen look more cluttered and frantic. Keep the front of the fridge clear or with minimal things attached. This once again will keep the room looking more streamlined.

Small kitchen decorating does not have to be costly or ugly. You can have an inexpensive, workable kitchen without sacrificing on aesthetics. Keep these tips in mind when you go shopping for your next small decorating task.