35 Classy Hanging Wall Cabinets Design Ideas You Must Have In Your Bathroom

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Wall Cabinet Installation Tips for Newbies

Installing a hanging or wall cabinet really is not that difficult. There are several ways of doing it and it all really depends on how you approach it or how the manual describes it but basically if you follow them by the T, everything will turn out ok.

Another thing is that you really don’t need to have years of experience installing cabinets to do this correctly. Please continue reading and I will tell you how.

You may find this techniques quite easy or some of you will have no idea what I am saying but hopefully, reading it twice will clear it up and hopefully these tips will save you time and hours of frustration in installing them up.

First thing to know is to locate the parts needed like the studs and strips and screws and things. Then find where these will go in the wall. You can tap the wall and hear if it is solid enough to hold.

You then drill when you find the right spot. Drill 3/16th inch of a hole in all predetermined places. Mark those places up where the studs will be placed. You can do this several times until all of them are placed and secured.

Remember that the important thing here as always is your safety. Always were protective gloves when doing the drilling and the hammering. You may also want to ask help from someone when you will start hanging the cabinet to your wall.


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