Creative Steampunk Room Design Ideas To Try Asap 35
Creative Steampunk Room Design Ideas To Try Asap 35

36 Creative Steampunk Room Design Ideas To Try Asap

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Just because you’ve found a basic home decor that you love doesn’t mean the look has to get boringly familiar. Learn how to accessorize well and you’ll be able to create a dynamic decor that keeps pace with the seasons and your interests.

First, though, you have to make space for your new designs, and that means getting rid of the clutter! Pick your favorite items in colors that reflect the seasons, such as a display of seashells for summer. Then pack up your other accessories and store them safely. Write a note on your calendar to remind you to change out the accessories later.

Keep these other guidelines in mind for topnotch accessorizing:

* Cluster objects that have a common theme, such as pieces of floral china, family pictures, or other collections.

* Group accessories in odd numbers such as three or five to create a visually appealing display.

* If your decor is more formal, such as a Traditional style, then align your accents in a symmetrical group. Don’t let the arrangement get boring, though.

* Likewise, with a decor style that’s more involved, such as Shabby Chic, Cottage or Steampunk (also called New Vintage), set up accessories in an asymmetrical pattern. This gives a look that’s both interesting and informal, but don’t let it become chaotic. To guard against mishmash, assess your grouping from different angles and change it if it looks like a junk pile.

* Place items at varied levels. Choose some objects that are higher than others, or place them on a stand, a block, or even a stack of books (especially good in the New Vintage decor).

* Keep scale in mind when grouping accessories. Too many small objects simply look lost or even fussy, while an object too larger for its display space will overwhelm the grouping.

* Change the curtains according to the seasons. For instance, use sheers and laces for spring and summer. Panels in these fabrics will provide privacy but still let light shine through. Change over to heavier fabrics when fall and winter roll around.

* Swap out your pictures and prints according to the seasons. Choose some of your best photos from family albums and display those as well. (It’s a good idea to stock up on picture frames when they’re on sale.) One way to display framed prints and photos differently is to lean them against a shelf rather than hanging them on a wall.

* Change your fabrics by the seasons as well. Slipcovers are an easy way to make this change of accessory change. Use light, airy covers in spring and summer and change them for darker, heavier fabrics in fall and winter. Similar ways to change seasonal textures are to swap out pillows, table covers and throws.

* Swap out the shades on your lamps or light fixtures. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive change, and yet it literally puts your room in a whole new light!

Finally, don’t forget the biggest “accessory” change of all: rearranging your furniture. Move a couple of chairs to a different room or change some of the tables. It’s amazing how a few simple changes and a little imagination can transform a room from boring to brilliant.


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