Relaxing Bedroom Wallpaper Decoration Ideas For Comfortable Bedroom 33
Relaxing Bedroom Wallpaper Decoration Ideas For Comfortable Bedroom 33

37 Relaxing Bedroom Wallpaper Decoration Ideas For Comfortable Bedroom

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Year-round summer and nonstop tropical bliss can be achieved with Hawaiian bedroom décor. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you will be able to set your own bedroom into one Pacific paradise. Just choose your favorite Hawaiian items to fully enjoy the comforts of a well-deserved vacation right in your home.

First, prepare your walls by installing grass cloth or textured wallpaper. You may also paint the wall yourself which resembles a woven texture. Pick one or two more walls wherein you can paint a mural or place wallpaper depicting a beach and ocean scenery. It is ideal to paint your ceiling blue as well or have a design that resembles forming clouds on a sunny day. Place a wooden ceiling fan preferably one with a mesh design.

Commercial carpets have tighter weaving compared to others. Choose light colors that resemble sand like beige, light yellow or cream. Sisal floor covering is also good. Add flower shaped throw rugs and throw pillows with floral designs and set them carefully on the carpet. The idea is to have people stay on the carpet as if you’re all basking on the beach.

If you chance upon bamboo mats and window shades, invest in these and place them where you want in your bedroom. Accessorize with plastic hibiscus and vines for a more dramatic effect. There are also Hawaiian fabrics available that already have tropical designs and bright colors. You may place these under throw pillows or as drapes on the windows.

You can simply glue reeds of bamboo all over tables, chairs and room dividers to create a Hawaiian feel. There are custom-made beds resembling a canoe or surfboard. Quilts with sunflower and fish designs are perfect for these. Pillows and blankets are supposed to sport bright colors as well. You can freely hang one or two towels over bedroom dividers as accents.

Set tiki torches on all corners of the bedroom. These are not supposed to be lighted but generally serve as decors. As for lighting, yellow ceiling lights are good. Make sure there is enough light to make the entire room seem bright. Bamboo shutters drawn during the day should allow enough sunlight to fill the bedroom. Tiki lamps are also optional place on bedside counters.


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