Beautiful Winter Centerpiece Decoration Ideas To Try Asap 33
Beautiful Winter Centerpiece Decoration Ideas To Try Asap 33

34 Beautiful Winter Centerpiece Decoration Ideas To Try Asap

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It’s that time of year. In most places around this country, the weather is getting nippy and there is the holiday feeling in the air. And for some, this is a time for their wedding. It’s a known statistic that it’s not the most popular time of year to get married, but the weddings that I’ve gone to and consulted on that were winter weddings, were the most beautiful. And of course, to help that along, the tables were decorated with several amazing winter wedding favors.

The wedding favor; something we put off until last minute because it’s not as significant to the couple to be. But is it insignificant? Not for me it isn’t. But then again, when I consult on weddings, I always use the wedding favor as a decorating tool as well as a gift to your guests.

The most popular winter wedding favors are those that are decorated with snowflakes. And so many are available such as: the snowflake glass coasters, snowflake candles and snowflake candle holders. Those are definitely 3 of the most popular. Also, you can give a Holiday Ornament to each guest as well.

One wedding which I worked on was done all in white with red and green mixed in. The reception room looked breathtaking. There were several decorated Christmas trees as well as the many lit decorations which were already there because of the holidays. We had white tablecloths with white plates and a centerpiece of winter greens and holiday ornaments. The couple decided to have all 3 of the above mentioned wedding favors on the guest’s tables, so the room eventually looked like a winter wonderland. It was exquisite, and actually saved them a lot of money.

So if you’re getting married in the winter and people are telling you that you are foolish to do that, just use the time of the year to your advantage. They will be surprised at how gorgeous a winter wedding can be. And don’t forget, the winter wedding favors are just so beautiful. Use them to help decorate the guests table. It will make for a very special day indeed.


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