36 Marvelous Wooden Shower Floor Tiles Designs Ideas For Bathroom Remodel

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Marvelous Wooden Shower Floor Tiles Designs Ideas For Bathroom Remodel 36

Marvelous Wooden Shower Floor Tiles Designs Ideas For Bathroom Remodel 36

A striking shower enclosure can become the focal point of a bathroom. As well as being an attractive feature in your bathroom, the right shower enclosure should also be functional and suitable for your bathroom. The main concern here is free space. There are numerous designs and styles of entry to suit your bathroom.

Pivot shower enclosure- Easy and simple, pivot doors simply swing open into the room. This door allows for a frameless design and is popular in designer enclosures. Pivot doors are less useful in carpeted bathrooms as the door will drip when it swings open. Furthermore, bathrooms that are short on space are unsuitable for pivot shower doors because the door takes up extra space when swung open.

Bi-fold shower enclosure- Usually split into two, or sometimes three, folding doors fold up so that the entire side of the enclosure is open. Additionally, a folding door takes up very little extra space so is a good option for very small bathrooms. However, because of the fold mechanism these enclosures cannot be frameless meaning the range of designs is somewhat limited.

Sliding shower enclosure- A sliding door is popular option as it takes up no extra space at all. The front panel of the enclosure will be split into two and one of these will slide behind the other. A sliding door will also need a frame. Because half of the door slides behind the other half, only half of the side of the shower will be open as opposed to the folding door that opens the whole side of the enclosure.

Walk in- This enclosure has no door, leave just a gap. The walls of the enclosure are laid out so that water cannot splash out despite it being open. A walk in shower is usually set on a rectangular tray with one end open to the room for drying.

Corner entry- Mainly used on quadrant showers, corner openings incorporate two doors that slide or pivot open from the corner of the enclosure.

The other main variation between enclosures is the shower tray itself. Trays are available in various, shapes, sizes, colours, and heights. For example, in a walk in shower you may want a large rectangular tray that is flush with the floor tiles in your bathroom. Choose a tray that will fit comfortably into your bathroom. Furthermore, try to match your enclosure to the shower itself and the rest of your bathroom. In any bathroom the choice of design will be important. Try to pick a suitable style. In very modern bathrooms a frameless, sleek, glass design might be best. In bathrooms with natural tones a wooden framed enclosure might be best. Whereas in a small family bathroom you may just want a small square plastic enclosure with a sliding door for utility.
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