Stunning Traditional Indian Carpet Designs Ideas For Living Room To Try 35
Stunning Traditional Indian Carpet Designs Ideas For Living Room To Try 35

35 Stunning Traditional Indian Carpet Designs Ideas For Living Room To Try

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1. Lighting can make or break a room. Investing in lower-wattage bulbs can change the look of a room from restful to romantic.

2. Check out remnant tables at your local fabric stores. Remnants are perfect for recovering pillows, banding drapes and other sewing projects around the house. They are usually 1/3 of the price and look just as good.
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3. Don’t forget about greenery. Having plants in any room makes you feel more alive. Simple green foliage often lasts longer than flowers, and the overall design of a single leaf can make more of a striking effect. Try a single palm leaf or a slender flax in a giant vase. It has simple yet modern appeal. In your kitchen, add a small herb garden to your windowsill to add life to the room. Plus, they taste great!

4. Focus on your floors. Just like walls, floors need your attention, too. If you are able to completely change the surface, consider resanding or staining wood floors, or replacing old linoleum or carpet with tile. For a quick fix, add a floor rug. There are so many options, making it easy to find the perfect style, shape and color for your space. By making your floors stand out, your walls can only look better.

5. Storage, storage and more storage. Living in small spaces presents two options, building up or building under. Consider using bookshelves that go all the way to the ceiling for a more dramatic effect, or take advantage of the space underneath your bed to store things you’d love to keep out of sight.

6. Fabric is just one easy and inexpensive way to combine all the elements in your room together. Have fun by combining patterns, styles and different textures of fabric.
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7. Fake architectural detail. This can be done in a variety of ways. My faves are to use painter’s tape or molding. With painter’s tape you can create horizontal or vertical lines, which can make the room look bigger. You can also make shapes like rectangles and squares, creating a box on the wall for framing out furniture, sconces or your favorite picture. With moldings you can give the illusion of added depth and dimension to the walls. Like painter’s tape, making a small box with molding can create a look that’s certainly classic.

8. Anchor your room by investing your money in substantial furniture pieces you can work around. Buying a timeless sofa or kitchen table will save you money as your style changes.

9. Consider simple fixes before you get rid of something. Inexpensive solutions: Bring life back to leather furniture with a little olive oil; make your kitchen chairs new again with a little spray paint and some fabric; get the scratches out of your wood floor and furniture by rubbing them with an almond.

10. Don’t underestimate the Internet! There are so many great deals for every room in your home. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
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