Marvelous Sky Garden Ideas With Enchanting Landscape To Try 33
Marvelous Sky Garden Ideas With Enchanting Landscape To Try 33

34 Marvelous Sky Garden Ideas With Enchanting Landscape To Try

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The sky is the limit when it comes to organic gardening. Take your garden wherever you go. If you move to an apartment, condo or a high rise there is no need to leave your garden behind.

Container planting is becoming a more common method of gardening. They can be planted in many areas that the tradition garden can’t. Decks, patios and even rooftops. There is no excuse for not fulfilling your gardening dreams.

There are some concerns when it comes to gardening on a structure of any kind. Before you start you will need to find out if the structure can handle the weight. Serious damage and even injury can happen if the structure can’t handle the weight. Check with your local building official for direction on how to get the information you need before you start.

When gardening on decks and other structure, there are lightweight container that can be used if needed. Moss or coir pots are two of these lightweight product that can be purchased at most garden centers. Filling containers is the next step, soilless potting mixes are the best choice. They are light weight, drain well and retain the moisture along with the nutrients needed for your plants to thrive.

With container planting your can get real creative. These containers can be placed in rows, staggered to add dimension or even hung. They are a crafty way to add character to your outside decor.

Organic gardening is a relaxing, peaceful and an educational way to garden. Gardening in containers can be just as rewarding as the traditional garden in the backyard. They can be planted for fruits, vegetables flowers and even herbs, along with being planted to attract wildlife.


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