Gorgeous Wedding Theme Ideas With Vw Car Party To Have Right Now 34
Gorgeous Wedding Theme Ideas With Vw Car Party To Have Right Now 34

34 Gorgeous Wedding Theme Ideas With Vw Car Party To Have Right Now

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Selecting a wedding theme can be one of the most difficult of all your wedding decisions. Do you want a beach theme, a fairy tale princess theme, or something more out of the ordinary? There have been weddings performed underwater, in a hot air balloon, and even at the top of a mountain. Depending on which theme you choose, you can bet there is a wedding car that will highlight your special choice.

Beach Weddings

These weddings provide the perfect romantic backdrop for you and your fiancĂ©. Imagine arriving to the location in a horse drawn carriage. You may even consider arriving on horseback, if you are so inclined. There is something very sensual and dreamy about the beach, horses, and a wedding. If you can’t make it to the beach for your wedding, consider a beach theme. Use muted colors, such as shades of beiges and blues. Incorporated a beautiful sunset on the water as a mural background. If the venue allows, walk barefoot through the sand down the aisle. There are hundreds of possibilities for this theme and they can be incorporated into virtually every aspect of your wedding.

A Fairy Tale Bride

Many little girls think about their perfect fairy tale wedding, complete with their prince for the groom. If this is something that strikes your fancy, consider a vintage Rolls Royce as your wedding car. These cars are unsurpassed when it comes to luxury and opulence. You may choose a convertible top or a hard top, but be sure to consider the weather patterns normal for the time of year. You might also want to consider renting one for the rest of the wedding party as well. In fact, you may find some great deals when you hire more than one wedding car.

The Country Wedding

A country wedding provides a relaxed atmosphere for your quests and something a little different than a traditional ceremony. Perhaps you would like to arrive at the ceremony on a horse drawn trailer that resembles a hayride. While not the most elegant of surroundings, this theme can certainly have it’s own quaint appeal. Consider bales of hay instead of folding chairs for your guests, followed by a square dance at the reception. While this may not be the best choice for some, for others, the causal, comfortable atmosphere may be just the ticket!

The Traditional Wedding

If you prefer a more traditional approach to your wedding, consider hiring a beautiful white stretch limousine. These classic, classy vehicles will set the tone in a very impressive manner, both as you arrive and depart. Imagine the feeling as you and your new spouse climb into a stretch limousine to begin your new lives together. There is something special about a traditional wedding and this wedding car is definitely special.

In Closing

Your wedding car choice may not be as difficult as it first appears when you consider the theme of your wedding. Many companies will include the vehicle’s decorations, as well as other complimentary specials, such as doves, champagne, or chocolates. Be sure to ask about specials that are available to make sure you get the best deal for your money.,


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