Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Exposed Brick Tiles 35
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Exposed Brick Tiles 35

36 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas With Exposed Brick Tiles

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Your bathroom will always be an indispensable part of your home. It is essential because it is part of human’s needs. However, since the bathroom is merely a necessity, a lot of people tend to forget about it. What they do not know is that a bathroom can represent a hidden side of their personality.

You may wonder why your bathroom can represent yourself. Well, have you ever have guests in your house? If so, did they ever ask where your bathroom is? If it so happens that your bathroom is not as presentable, do you think these guests will not link your bathroom to your personality?

This is why it is so important that you make your bathroom presentable. Of course, remodeling your bathroom is one way. You can do this by changing the interiors which includes your bathroom walls and tiles.

But if you still do not have an idea on what kind of designs to try, here are some bathroom tile design ideas.

The Border

This is perhaps one of the most common bathroom tile designs available. It comprises of putting together two different tiles where one of them are used as the main tile and the other as a border. This design can be done in a carpet-like way where all the main tiles are in the middle and the other tiles are at the edges or it can be done box-style like small carpets woven together.

The Diagonal

For those people who are looking to deviate from the norm, the diagonal is the usual favorite. This design entails a different way of laying the tiles on the floor. As the name implies, it is all done in a diagonal fashion. This, by itself, is a good bathroom tile design and can be used with one type of tile.


This design is a variation of the diagonal. This is done by combining the box-style of border and the diagonal perspective. A huge diamond is created by putting a different colored tile around the main tile that is set in a diagonal pattern. The design can be done with different sizes of diamonds or in a repeating manner.


This design is quite different from the ones above. This entails cutting the tiles into rectangles and putting them up in a brick-like manner. But once you think about bricks, you may think that it always have to be big tiles. But this trick can also apply to small tiles and it will create a different effect.

To make all these bathroom tile designs effective, contrasting colors is necessary. It is better if you already have a bathroom theme in mind before deciding your bathroom tile design. That way, you will have a clear idea on what you want to do.

Of course, these are just suggestions. If you have other ways of putting together different types of tiles, then it is better. Let your creative juices come out. Who knows, you may even come up with your own unique bathroom tile design.


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