Inspiring Beach And Coral Themed Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Right Now 37
Inspiring Beach And Coral Themed Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Right Now 37

37 Inspiring Beach And Coral Themed Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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The ocean probably evokes certain distinct associations such as the soothing sand, warm sun and refreshing waves. It is one of those themes that many people love to incorporate into their bathrooms. As one of the first places you visit every morning, the space could definitely use a relaxed and soothing ambiance. Here are some useful tips for creating an ocean-inspired bathroom without spending an ocean of money on decor.

Repainting the walls is one of the cheapest ways to dramatically change the visual impact of any room. This holds true for bathroom renovations: what you do to the walls has a huge visual effect on the overall outcome of the space. You could opt for a calming pastel color like sea blue and tan to simulate the water of the ocean and the sand around it. A shell- or starfish-printed wallpaper could also contribute a fanciful, ocean-themed touch.

Another great idea is to seek the help of an artist to paint a mural on your bathroom wall. The imagery of a vast beach, crashing waves, white sand, a sand castle and a beach chair will definitely get the effect you wanted. If you’re having second thoughts on spending a lot for the artist, the painting is something you could do yourself. A sponge treatment and a few cans of paint can give you surf and sand at a fraction of the cost.

But that beachy ambiance can go far beyond just your walls. An area rug or even a small foot rug can add a lot to the look and feel of the bathroom. Color can be a big consideration; area rugs in tan to simulate sand or in bright blue to simulate water help complete the ocean feel. Starfish- or fish-shaped foot rugs add interest to an otherwise boring tile floor. There are lots of places for a rug around your bathroom: in front of the door, facing the sink and before the shower area are just some of the possible places for a rug. Just make sure that the rugs you choose are durable and either washable or waterproof.

Once you are done decorating with the major design elements, it is time for you to add the small details to your bathroom. Stickers, for example, are a great way to liven up boring tile: starfish, corals and colorful fish stickers on your bathroom wall tiles add color and life to your space. Put some colored sand into a small fishbowl and then display it on top of the toilet bowl or bathroom sink to add even more color to your bathroom beach.

With a little imagination and creativity, there are countless things you could add. A short, wide-mouth glass can be filled halfway with pebbles and then topped with starfish- or coral-shaped tea candles to create a beautifully unique candle holder. Memorabilia such as a lei or an old skimboard will make your little space look even more authentic. All it takes is a little creative spirit to bring the beach right home inside your bathroom.


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