Unusual Laundry Arranging Design Ideas For Small Space To Try 38
Unusual Laundry Arranging Design Ideas For Small Space To Try 38

39 Unusual Laundry Arranging Design Ideas For Small Space To Try

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Space often comes at a premium in the bedroom, where clutter is most common in many homes. The bedroom is sometimes the last place that we think about cleaning, because it stays out of sight and out of mind until it is time to go to bed.

But really, we do a lot in our bedrooms and they deserve our attention. You get ready for work, put away laundry, and essentially spend a good portion of your life sleeping in there. So, get ready to make your bedroom more spacious without spending a lot of money.

1) Choose furniture and decorations for your bedroom that also double as storage areas. A trunk is a good example of an inexpensive item that looks nice at the foot of the bed or underneath a window. You can use it for out of season shoes, blankets, pillows, extra clothing, holiday gift storage, or whatever you need. This small item can help you to take a lot of the clutter out of your room and make space in your closets and underneath your bed.

2) Speaking of under the bed, this is an often neglecting storage area. You may think that things under there would be hard to get to. However, if you use boxes or drawers on casters, you can store a lot of things under there that are easily pulled out for access. Many containers are designed to fit under the bed and they don’t cost much. You don’t really need anything fancy because your dust ruffle or blankets will cover them when they are pushed underneath for storage. You can also add risers to many beds to make even more space underneath.

3) Another way to create storage areas in your bedroom is to better arrange your closet. We all have a little extra square footage in there that we don’t realize we have. If you go in and add or move shelving around, you can usually make some more space in there. Check out the corners, front wall and ceiling of your closet. Is there unused space? Would it be better used by maneuvering your hanging bar or top shelf around? Experiment with your closet arrangement until you figure out a better use for the space. Sometimes just hanging your short items on one side and the longer ones on the other will create extra space below the shorter items.

4) The easiest way to quickly make space in your bedroom closet is to use space saving hangers, likeĀ velvet hangers. These hangers don’t only hang closely together, but they can also cascade from each other creating up to three times the space you had before.


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