36 Dreamy Racks Design Ideas From Recycle Old Guitars To Try Asap

If you are the proud owner of a great guitar, then you´ll appreciate that keeping it off the floor or away from little fingers and pets is important to the longevity of it´s use.

To Protect Your Guitar

For many the main purpose of buying a guitar hanger is to protect it, but there is also a train of thought that says that if you see your guitar more regularly, you`ll play it more often. Having your guitar out of it´s case in line of sight often results in a quick jam just because you saw it.

There are a wide range of different guitar hanger models on the market from guitar wall mounts to stands and racks. Some will cater for big collections while others are ideal for a single guitar. Depending on your own personal needs you´ll find one to suit you.

For Small Spaces or Big Collections

If you are limited in space or have a large collection of guitars, then you’ll appreciate that hanging them against the wall or in a closet really frees up space without taking away from the pleasure of displaying your gear.

On Stage Storage

Guitar Stands and Racks tend to work well if you have room for them and are also the only real option for on stage storage.

Guitar hangers can be found in upright, horizontal and upside down hanging systems, but essentially what you want is something that is going to look good, be functional and most important protect your guitar without scratching it in the process.


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