32 Enchanting Cardboard Playhouse Design Ideas For Kids That You Will Love It

Enchanting Cardboard Playhouse Design Ideas For Kids That You Will Love It 29

There is just something about having a playhouse as a kid that is hard to describe. They are a place to escape and have fun. An outdoor playhouse is like a magnet for all the neighbor kids to come and play in. So what are some of the types of children’s playhouses? Here’s a look.

Cardboard Playhouses РThese are the most basic of playhouses for sure. Do you remember as a child how you would take a large cardboard box and pretend it was your secret place or fort?

You can take this a step further by getting one of those heavy duty and thick cardboard boxes to build a playhouse. Cut windows into it, paint it, etc. Let your imagination go and you are sure to be a hit with children of all ages.

Outdoor Playhouses РThe sky is the limit when it comes to these. You can purchase a plastic playhouse for $50, or spend tens of thousands on a massive structure fit for a king!

A playhouse can be made with one, two or more rooms, have real windows, a door, and even running water.

You can also find theme playhouses that your child may enjoy. From a princess castle to a pirate ship, there is always a design available to fill any idea you may have.

The best tip here is to consider building a playhouse yourself. You can find detailed plans to make the entire process simple and easy to complete.

Better yet, make it a family project and let the kids help. Not only is it a lot more fun, but also it teaches them how to build something and gives them a memory that will last a lifetime!


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