Enjoying Mediterranean Style Design Ideas For Your Home Décor 26
Enjoying Mediterranean Style Design Ideas For Your Home Décor 26

31 Enjoying Mediterranean Style Design Ideas For Your Home Décor

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A popular style of decorating today is Mediterranean style decorating. Bringing color and excitement into the home, Mediterranean style decorating can make your home life seem that little bit more spontaneous.

In order to create a Mediterranean theme in the home you have a number of options. You could use pieces of furniture, decorative molds or decorative fixtures. Usually Mediterranean styles have a slight antique feel to them and the use of pillars and ceiling cutouts is also quite common with the theme too. The Tuscan Mediterranean look is particularly common and for that faux finishes are used like marble for example.

Why Use a Mediterranean Theme in the Home?

Adding a Mediterranean theme into the home can add a lot of character as well as warmth too. A Mediterranean style room should ideally look lived in and that is what generally adds the character to it.

If you decide to use a Tuscan style then you need to keep it a little rustic. This can be achieved by using materials such as stucco and cracked plaster. Color wise you need to choose warm colors such as terracotta and gold as well as chocolate browns. If you want to add a few accent tones then the best colors to use as deep blues and olive greens.

Another important factor to consider with Mediterranean style decorating is textures. This for example could mean the number of layers of paint you have on the walls or even marble walls and worktops. The furniture should look worn and distressed wood is also particularly good.

Whilst it is possible to create a Mediterranean style in any home no matter how small, you need to remember to keep it as uncluttered as possible. If your room is small then the colors you should use to make it look larger include yellows and other vibrant colors. Another handy tip is to add storage in your furniture.

The accessories which you can use to add a Mediterranean style to the home include luxury pillows and scrap wood. Looking around the antique shops will really help too and wrought iron can help you to create an intimate setting in any room.

One of the bets things about Mediterranean style decorating is that it is not very expensive to accomplish. You can easily pick up various bits and pieces from art sales and vintage stores. You just have to have a good eye for a bargain. You also do not have to worry about everything looking perfect. It is the imperfections in things which add to the Mediterranean feel. If you manage to achieve the Mediterranean look then you will notice how much more welcoming your home seems to be. It can really help to brighten up any room and it is simple to do too.


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