Newest Coastal Decorating Ideas With Rope Crafts To Try Right Now 33
Newest Coastal Decorating Ideas With Rope Crafts To Try Right Now 33

33 Newest Coastal Decorating Ideas With Rope Crafts To Try Right Now

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Your average homecoming party can be aimed at just about any purpose, from celebrating the return of a soldier from war or just celebrating the return of your high school football team. You’ll find that there are many uses for the Homecoming party, but it can be hard to find a party craft idea for every homecoming party. Here’s a great party craft for the high school homecoming party that your guests will love putting together, because this corsage keeps forever.

Foam Peanut Corsage

You’ll need the following supplies for you peanut homecoming corsage; bag of foam peanuts, acrylic or craft paints, brushes, newspaper, water, old cups, craft clue, thin cardboard, a length of black necklace rope, scissors.

You’ll start the homecoming corsages by measuring and cutting of a length of necklace rope that’s long enough to fit loosely around the wrist with enough room for you to tie it closed and still be able to slip the rope on and off of your wrist.

Next, cut out a small circle from the thin cardboard. This should be about 2 ½ inches in diameter. Use a pen to punch two small holes in the center of your thin cardboard circle. Your circle should look like a big button with two holes for sewing.

From here you’ll thread one end of the necklace rope through the first hole and out of the second hole in the cardboard circle. This will serve as the base and bracelet of your homecoming corsage.

Now you can apply the ‘flower’ part of your corsage. The methods to apply your foam peanuts can vary according to preference. You can try painting each of your foam peanuts a different color and then gluing them to the cardboard circle to create a multicolored corsage. Or you can glue a bunch of foam peanuts onto your cardboard circle, wait for them to dry and then paint the whole corsage one color.

You can also glue foam peanuts on top of other foam peanuts to create a larger, more unique Foam Peanut Corsage for Homecoming. Whichever way you decide to go, this will definitely be a project your guests enjoy.


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