Cool Bathhouse Winter Camp Design Ideas With Rural Accents To Have Right Now 21
Cool Bathhouse Winter Camp Design Ideas With Rural Accents To Have Right Now 21

32 Cool Bathhouse Winter Camp Design Ideas With Rural Accents To Have Right Now

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Camping on open grounds can be made not just during the summer or spring. These days, you can go camping even during the winter season. In fact, there are many people who are fond of setting camps even during heavy snow fall.

However, before you set your camp, below are some tips that you should be aware of.

a. When you go out for a camping experience during winter, check the weather forecast for possible reports about hail storms and the like. This will help you face this kind of challenge that comes your way.

b. Make sure that your camping gear are appropriate for camping during winter. Choose a camping tent that gives the best insulation. Opt for those that are made out of thick fabrics but do consider details about the hike that you will make before you reach the actual camp site. Choose sleeping bags that heat up and maintain good insulation as well.
c. Before you go to the camp site, check the materials that are available in the area. One of the most important things that you should consider is a water hook-up in the winter camping ground. If there are no hook-ups, look for hot showers and a heated bath house.

d. Make sure that you bring enough clean water to drink. Also, do not forget to bring heating materials that can help you reheat your drinking water once it freezes.

e. Make sure that you keep your cabinet doors slightly open in order to let air circulate through your equipment. Note that if you have a cabinet for clothes, towels, sheets, and other fabrics, you can protect them from condensation and moisture if you keep your cabinet door slightly open.

f. When you camp out during winter, avoid cooking or boiling water inside your camping tent. Aside from the fact that such practice is quite dangerous as your tent can catch the flames, the excess moisture that you are introducing within the camper may lead to condensation around windows and doors.

g. Do not use propane burner to keep yourself warm. Most of the time, propane heat is considered quite dangerous and it often poses a “forced heat” situation. Instead, you can opt for those small radiator heaters that make use of oil, just make sure that you keep it away from your bed sheets, pillows, and sleeping bags.

h. Make sure that you keep your camping tent warm enough. Never bring in your wet clothes or wet boots. When you set up your camping tent, make sure that you put a large rubber mat just before your door.

i. Do not forget to bring lots of things that can keep you warm such as blankets, boots, socks, mittens, bonnets, scarf, and even sunglasses.

j. You should also bring lots of materials that will keep you entertained while inside the camp grounds. This will include books and board games. Take note of the fact that it may be best if you do not bring your electronic mobile gaming equipments such as your game boy or play stations. Note that exposing such equipment out in the cold will cause sure damage.


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