39 Unique Ikea Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas For Holiday Every Day

People are always changing their style, and with that change is always a change in home furnishings, but what are the worlds favourite type of funriture?

The most popular furniture purchase that began its rise in the 1990’s is RTA furniture. RTA stands for ready to assemble. This furniture is still number one today, in the form of entertinment units and organizational fixtures. this is mainly down to large worldwide chains such as IKEA, who dominate this market.

Number two on the list is office furniture, even more so in the last decade with home computers now in pretty much every home. Bedroom furniture comes in at number three. Number four brings with it cabinet work as its popular choice.

Number five is gameroom style furniture. Six and seven respectively, dining rooms and outdoor furniture. Eight shows us juvenile furniture is also staying in the top ten. The ninth and tenth spot cover garden type furniture and outdoor/patio sets.


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