Favorite Kids Playhouses Design Ideas Under The Stairs To Have 39
Favorite Kids Playhouses Design Ideas Under The Stairs To Have 39

46 Favorite Kids Playhouses Design Ideas Under The Stairs To Have

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Have you ever wondered what to do with that space under your stairs? Here are a few tips to make it more useful and discover its hidden potential.

1. Installing shelves, cabinets and drawers under the stairs will reclaim some unused space just lying unnoticed for years. The shelves could be used for decorative displays while the cabinets could be utilized as storage for everyday items. You can also decorate the area with your favorite collectibles. You can add some small task lights to highlight the displayed objects. The shelves can either be custom-made or you can buy ready made stackable units available in any Home Improvement store.

2. You can utilize the space and transform it into a study area or home office. If you have been looking for some space in your house to serve as your home office, then look no further, this is the space for you. Bookshelves, filing cabinets and desktop can be specially sized and made to fit and nestle under your stairs. You can paint the filing cabinets and shelves in warm, welcoming tones to make it more user friendly. Clutter should be avoided in small spaces such as this, so use space-saving containers to keep desk accessories and stationery neat and handy.

3. Make it into a cozy retreat. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a comfy nook under the stairs while reading your favorite book? You can place an under-stair bench with cushion and pillows for a warm and inviting look. It can also serve as a sleeping spot for a quick afternoon nap. Don’t forget to accessorize. You can hang your favorite paintings or add a wall lamp for convenience while reading.

4. Utilize it as a tiny playhouse for the kids. Children would love the idea of playing under the stairs. Paint the playhouse entry with a whimsical design. You can also add shelves to provide storage for toys. A rug can create a softer look and feel while at the same time protects little feet from a cold floor.

So, whether you choose to use your under the stairs space for storage, home office, cozy nook or a playhouse, never forget to add light to this tight space. A desk lamp is advisable for reading and study, overhead lighting for play areas, while display lights are great for your collectibles.


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