Charming Eid Mubarak Craft Design Ideas To Try In Ramadan 35
Charming Eid Mubarak Craft Design Ideas To Try In Ramadan 35

35 Charming Eid Mubarak Craft Design Ideas To Try In Ramadan

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The presentation of greeting cards has become a major part of the tradition of Eid Ul-Fitr and with a few supplies and simple techniques, you can actually create them on your own. Read on to discover how you can create wonderful Eid Ul-Fitr cards.

If you want to create pastel painted cards, you should take a piece of white card stock and cut it before folding it into half to create a card. You can then draw some shapes and lines with a white crayon on the cover of the card. Elaborate patterns can be made with the use of stencils and you can draw a crescent moon or stars on the cover. Also, greetings like “Happy Eid Ul-Fitr” or “Eid Mubarak” can be written on the card.

In order to see how your design is coming along, you should hold the card up to the light occasionally. Since wax is white on white paper, it may be hard to see but if light catches it, you will be able to see the waxed lines and images properly. Two or three layers of waxed paper should then be placed inside the card so that the paint will be prevented from bleeding through.

Thereafter, a paint brush should be dipped in a cup of water and swirled to the watercolor paint color of your choice until the water is tinted with the color. The cover of the card should be painted over, right over the crayon marks. The white crayon marks will stop the paint from soaking into the areas so that they will stay white for a perfect design. You can make use of one color or blend different colors to cover the whole front of the card. The card should be allowed to dry while the waxed paper should then be removed. Thereafter, your message can then be written inside.

On the other hand, if you want to create a mosque in the twilight sky scene, you should take a piece of rainbow-colored card stock with deep colors that remind of you of a sunset. The card should then be folded into half and cut to the size of your choice. You should then get a template of a mosque from a magazine or coloring books and place the template on a black, dark colored or gold card stock. You should trace the shape around with a pencil and glue it to the cover of the card.


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