Wonderful Bright Laundry Room Designs Ideas That You Need To Try 38
Wonderful Bright Laundry Room Designs Ideas That You Need To Try 38

38 Wonderful Bright Laundry Room Designs Ideas That You Need To Try

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If you’re like most of us, you probably spend more time in the laundry room than you actually want to but you never really think about how you have it decorated or styled. In fact, the laundry room is probably one of the most used but most ignored places in the entire house. It just doesn’t occur to us that it can be decorated well, and made much more pretty, inviting, and enjoyable to use.

If you take a weekend and simply concentrate on updating your laundry room design style, you may find you’re not nearly as bored when you’re in there doing the chores.

Most laundry rooms look way too utilitarian. They’re drab, dull, and just plain uninviting. This makes decorating easy though, because just adding a touch of color to the room will dramatically change the entire look and feel.

Now you don’t want to paint all the walls a dark color of course, because if your laundry room is like most it’s small. And painting small rooms in dark colors will make them feel even smaller and more claustrophobic than usual. Dark colors will actually make your clothes seem more dingy and drab too, and that’s likely to make us depressed or annoyed.

So one of the best things you can do to spruce up both the look and feel of your laundry room is to add touches of light and bright colors. Try painting the trim in a soft yellow or pastel tone for example, or experiment with bright primary colors such as green and blue.

Since it’s not likely anyone but you will actually see the laundry room, you can really have fun testing your creativity when decorating this area. If you’ve always wanted to try some whimsical home accents, paint a wall mural, or even try out some funky stencil designs and paint colors… this is the place for it. Your laundry room can become your new artists pallet.

First, think of a design theme you’d like to try. Maybe you’ve always wondered what striped walls might look like, or maybe you’d like the room to feel like you’re a little kid in Grandma’s backyard. Try painting clothes on the wall as if they’re hanging on the clothesline, then add a bit of grass and wild flowers, and puffy clouds above for the sky.

If that sounds too challenging for you, another excellent laundry room theme is a retro style. Paint various laundry words on your walls in different sizes and colors: Soap, Iron, Wash, Dry. Then hang framed art prints which display vintage ads for laundry soap, or old labels from detergents used in days gone by.

And remember that just because you’re decorating a laundry room, that doesn’t mean you have to pick a cleaning style theme. You can actually do whatever your heart desires here. Try creating a beach style theme to make it seem you’re by the sea shore, or paint giant sunflowers on the wall. Do whatever makes you happiest when you design this room, because the goal is to make you smile while you’re going about the mundane chores.


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