37 Brilliant Bedroom Design Ideas With Nature Theme

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Less is more, keep it simple. Let nature be your muse when decorating your home. Home décor inspired by nature is practical, easy, and elegant. It adds freshness to your living environment in a design that is not only decorative but spiritual. Think of the feeling you get when you watch the first spring trees blossom, smell the fresh cut grass in the summer or the moist air after a rainfall.

Do you enjoy walking through crunchy leaves in the fall with crisp air flowing all around you? Perhaps you’re best contented with sitting by the fire sipping hot chocolate watching a peaceful snow falling silently through the window. Decorating with nature, is taking these feelings, memories, and moments we share with the seasonal changes and putting them into our home.

Take nature walks when the weather is nice. Gather pine combs, acorns, interesting branches or rocks. These can be displayed on a mantel, shelf, or table. A nice wooden bowl filled with green apples, bright oranges, lemons, ornamental squashes or mini pumpkins can be lovely. You can also fill it with dried flower petals, or nuts in their shells for added richness.

Always keep a few houseplants. Many varieties are easy to care for and rewarding to nurture. Become acquainted with your local plant nursery or garden shop and have an associate recommend plants taking your lighting, climate, and lifestyle needs into consideration. If you have pets or small children in the home make sure plants are kept out of reach and are safe.

Grow herbs inside your home. Many culinary herbs grow well in pots in south or west facing windows. Try growing English lavender or lemon verbena in your bedroom. Not only will they provide a lovely scent, you can snip the ends of these herbs and add them to your bathwater for a luxurious retreat.

Consider growing an outdoor garden. There are many kinds to work with. You could have a garden that attracts butterflies and birds, or you might prefer an edible garden. Even a small flower bed can be rewarding to your home. Consider growing flowers that are recommended as cutting flowers and you can bring them inside and enjoy fresh bouquets all season.

During the spring, when flowering trees are at their best, cut a small branch and bring it into your home. Display in a glass pitcher or large vase filled with water. It won’t last long, but will scent your home wonderfully. This is perfect as a centerpiece when you are entertaining friends and family for a day. Large clear glass containers can be filled part way with water. You can sprinkle flower petals and float some votive candles for an attractive centerpiece in lieu of flowers bouquets.

Consider adding natural fabrics within your home. Egyptian cotton sheets will look and feel refreshing on your bed. Angora or mohair pillows or shams can dress up a bed or a sofa. Linen tablecloths or placements can transform your dinning table. Enjoy silk valences on your windows. The possibilities are endless. Remember bathrooms decorated with fake looking sea shell soaps? Take a contemporary spin on this old idea. Display seashells, bleached sand dollars, or sea glass you collected on a walk by the beach or during a vacation. They will remind you of a happy time when you see them in your bathroom–yet they will look classy.

Pamper yourself with good soap in the bathroom. Try to buy homemade soaps that smell rich with scents of nature, and look equally appealing. Many natural food stores or farmers markets carry such soaps. If you enjoy crafts, consider making your own soap. Good soaps always make good gift ideas. Make sure you leave some in your guest bath, so they will feel indulged during their visit.

Collect interesting stones or pieces of wood during your family vacations or travels. Display them creatively in your home. They will enhance your décor and you will have good stories to tell about each. Colors that showcase nature are also the trend when it comes to decorating.

Popular reds the color of watermelons or Chinese red inspire confidence, even a good dose of eccentricity. Don’t be afraid to have at least one room that is bold. Red is the color of blood and fire. It represents energy, vitality, and passion. Orange is another popular color. Shades that resemble apricots, pumpkins, or butternut squash work well.

Orange demands attention, yet does so in a way that emphasizes warmth, balance, and excitement. Another popular pairing is that of regal chocolate brown (the “new” black) with a sky or bird’s egg blue. This is especially elegant for bedrooms, studies, or bathrooms.

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