42 Extraordinary Black Backsplash Kitchen Design Ideas That You Should Try

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Kitchen countertops have used granite for an eternity and the trend continues indefinitely. It is easy to see why. Granite is extremely strong and long lasting, and easy to maintain. Granite keeps away stains and scratches.

Did you know that granite patterns and colors can be quite stunning in an amazing variety, gentle and bold? Why not use the same material for backsplashes and match them too, or contrast colors? Consider a few amazing choices!

Azurite Granite

A granite countertop can tolerate heat well and the same quality makes it an ideal choice to install on the wall behind the cooking range. Azurite has sweet shades of cream, brown and beige on the veins. Steam and splashes, heat and smoke will not bother it.

Juparana Delicatus Granite

Do you need another point in favor of the choice of full granite slab backsplash? Easily done. Juparana with a cream background has black and brown. The veins and high variations have a complex pattern and finding matching colors would be difficult. Solve the problem by using the same fabulous granite.

Mascarello Granite

Kitchen designing does require matching colors between backsplashes and countertops. Simply match the granite colors. Contrasting colors are possible too since some prefer it that way with bold statement colors. Install tiles as a part of the overall design along with granite, maybe some vibrant mosaic tiles.

Rosewood Granite

The home resale value is certainly getting higher with granite countertops but backsplash designs also count. Perhaps a backsplash with low variation like Rosewood would bring decorated surfaces that are practically sound and can be easily cleaned.

Fusion Granite

A covering for the wall surface that is also artistic indeed. The Fusion Granite pattern includes a mirror image. While countertops in this pattern would be attractive too, it is the vertical surface that quickly attracts the eye. Let the backsplash radiate.

Nordic Black Granite

While designing, restrict the number of colors and patterns. If the floor and the countertop along with the cabinet have bold patterns, the backsplash need not have yet another design. Nordic Black Granite both on the counters and backsplash would melt into the background without jarring.

Persa Cream Granite

In a confined kitchen, similar granite backsplash and countertop would increase room dimensions. The PCG type will bring a lighted and cheerful effect.

Enjoy all the advantages of granite backsplashes. Though simple, it is pretty, easy to clean and resists heat. If you are getting interested, the Virtual Kitchen Designer tool helps to imagine the effect.