Luxury Container Garden Design Ideas For Your Landscaping Design 38
Luxury Container Garden Design Ideas For Your Landscaping Design 38

39 Luxury Container Garden Design Ideas For Your Landscaping Design

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What do you do when you want plants in a part of your property where you cannot have a flowerbed? Stick them in a container, of course. Container gardens can be placed almost anywhere, and can bring plant life to almost anywhere. But how do you choose the correct container? Here are some tips to guide you in your selection.

Location — The first thing to consider is the location in which you want to put your container. Do you have a porch railing you are trying to make use of? Are you trying to place containers to accent the entrance to a stairway or path? Considerations like these will decide which styles of containers you will use.

Plant Size — What kinds of plants are you going to place in it? If it is a large plant with a large root system, you obviously cannot use a small pot. Likewise, it would look very strange for a small plant to just barely take up any space in a large pot. If necessary, plant several smaller plants in a larger pot, for example, place several annuals in a ring around a smaller perennial while you wait for it to fill out the pot.

Style — What fits with the rest of your landscaping style. If it is all stone, a half of a whiskey barrel just won’t look right. Likewise, a concrete or metal urn just won’t fit with a mostly wooden landscape plan. Plastic containers normally go almost anywhere, but are also normally used with plants which will trail down the side and cover part of the container.

Container gardens are a wonderful way to add plants to your landscape in places which do not allow traditional planting. However, choosing the proper container is necessary to maximize the beneficial effect on your landscape. Consider your landscaping style, the size of the plants you want, and the location you are going to place your container in when you go to select it.


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