Popular Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas For Your Bathroom Inspiration 42
Popular Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas For Your Bathroom Inspiration 42

44 Popular Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas For Your Bathroom Inspiration

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Trying to find a vanity set that suits your wants and needs can be quite difficult in many high street outlets. For starters, the designs that are being offered at such stores are very limited. On top of that the price that is being asked for vanity sets is ridiculous.

One of the best places where you can find a decent vanity set is at bathroom vanity from Home Depot. The great thing about bathroom vanity home depot is that they offer a larger variety than most online outlets.

Also, the prices that are being asked for their products are seen as amazing bargains. We are going to take a look at some of the vanity sets that are being offered by Home Depot.

Pegasus 24″ Vessel
This is a very standard bathroom vanity Home Depot product that is currently being offered. It is quite small in size, only being 24 inches in width and has been aimed for holding one sink. The sink is made of glass and fits on top of the vanity.

The vanity it self is made of dark wood giving off a dull old color. This particular vanity set falls under the modern category. The vanity set offers one draw and a two door cupboard that can be used for storage. Seeing as it is free standing, this ensures that you can easily move it around depending on where you think it would fit the best.

Pegasus 18″ Vessel
This is quite simple in comparison to other bathroom vanity from Home Depot being offered. Even though it is quite simple and plain, it has a lot of class and elegance about it. The counter top for this vanity set is made of black granite.

The wood base is of a black color and is also free standing. Unlike most other vanity sets this one only has one large cupboard for storage. However the way in which it is designed, it really makes it a must buy for many individuals.

Pegasus Estates 48″
This is a very popular bathroom vanity from Home Depot that is liked by many individuals of different taste. The great thing about that it has a great combination of modern features in an antique looking design. Even though it is quite large in size,

it has only been designed to hold one sink. The base of the vanity has been designed and made of solid birch wood. The counter top of the vanity is made of granite. You can also get a matching mirror to this design if you wanted. The legs of the vanity set are adjustable meaning you can change the height to what suits you the best.


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