39 Superb Diy Storage Design Ideas For Small Bedroom

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Storage furniture is essential for most homes. In fact, for many homes, their storage is restricted to the attic or perhaps one or two cupboards built into the property. Many have no built-in storage, so buying furniture with storage is essential. Particularly for those with small apartments or even living in a single room.

Fortunately, furniture manufacturers are aware of this. There is a good selection of furniture available that offers storage, and we are not simply discussing wall cabinets and hutches with cupboards underneath. Here are some examples of furniture that includes storage space of various types.

Bedroom Storage Furniture

Your bedroom offers the best options for incidental storage. Neither ottomans nor beds were intended as storage furniture, yet each has that capability if you use it. Here are the main items of storage furniture available for your bedroom.

Armoires can be used for a multitude of items, including hung dresses and suits. This is useful if you have no dressing closet available, although a good alternative would be to run a hanging rail from the side of a wall to panel of wood, or even from the wall to the side of an armoire. The armoire itself could then be fitted to store folded clothes.

Chests and Dressers
Chests and dressers are the classic items of bedroom storage furniture. Fundamentally, a dresser is no more than a low chest with a mirror on top. Each is suitable for general storage of bedroom items and clothing, although it pays to ensure that you have at least one deep drawer available. You never know when you will have a bulky item to store away out of sight.

Bedding Storage: Ottomans
It seems a wasted opportunity to purchase an ottoman that does not have a hinged lid with a storage box underneath. Storage ottomans are very handy for blankets, sheets, quilts and similar items of bedding. The beauty of an ottoman is that it takes up little room and you could easily have two or three in your bedroom.

You can use them for sitting on while dressing: pulling on stockings, panty hose or tying shoe laces. Rather than using a chair, why not purchase an ottoman for your dresser? You then get the multiple uses of a seat and a storage chest.

Underbed Storage
Many beds have plenty room underneath for storage. Some beds rest on frames that sit fairly high off the ground. In fact, many are designed specifically to allow underbed storage. A popular form of this comes in the form of storage boxes resting on rollers that can be rolled under your bed.

Another form uses the space available in the relatively empty frame that your mattress lies on. Modern mattresses require no extra springing, just solid support. They can generally rest upon a solid wood or slatted frame. This frame can be fairly high from the floor, because few people like to lie close to the floor. It is more difficult to get into bed and out of it.

The best height enables you to sit on the bed and lift your legs to lie on it. The space underneath can be used to accommodate drawers. The most efficient way is to have two drawers opening from one side of a single bed, and two pairs for double beds and over – a set either side of the bed. Some have the drawers opening from under the footboard, but this is not always the best use of space.

General Storage Furniture

If you live in a small apartment, you can use storage furniture that incorporates many of the features of regular living room and dining room furniture. A table built with storage cupboards in the center, while still allowing adequate legroom is one possibility. Sofas and chairs are available with storage under the seat. A comfortable sprung cushion sits on top of a solid base, beneath which lie twin drawers for the sofa – single for the chair.

Rather than footstools or coffee tables, you can use storage ottomans to rest your feet or your coffee cup. Perhaps not as good looking, but possibly better than a bundle of linen or curtains lying in a corner of the room

Storage and Parkinson’s Law

There are many other examples of storage furniture suitable for small homes. By buying furniture with storage incorporated you can live comfortable in smaller homes without having to be untidy.

Parkinson’s Law has been generalized to state: “The demand upon a resource tends to expand to match the supply of the resource.” With regard to storage space it means that “Demand for storage increases to meet available storage capacity.” In other words, no matter what size your home might be, you will always need more storage space. The above suggestions on buying furniture with storage for your home might help you.