34 Relaxed White Wash Wood Walls Designs

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34 Relaxed White Wash Wood Walls Designs DigsDigs

34 Relaxed White Wash Wood Walls Designs


White washed wood walls have become increasingly popular in interior design over the past few years. This trend brings a relaxed, rustic feel to any space and can be used in a variety of design styles. Whether you are looking to create a beachy vibe or add a touch of farmhouse charm, white washed wood walls are a versatile and timeless option. In this article, we will explore 34 different white wash wood wall designs to inspire your next home project.

1. Beachy Retreat

If you love the coastal aesthetic, white washed wood walls are a perfect choice for creating a beachy retreat. Pair them with light blue and sandy beige accents to complete the look.

2. Scandinavian Minimalism

Inspired by Scandinavian design principles, white washed wood walls can bring a sense of calm and simplicity to your space. Pair them with neutral furniture and clean lines for a minimalistic look.

3. Rustic Farmhouse

White washed wood walls are a staple in farmhouse-style homes. Combine them with vintage furniture and warm earth tones for a cozy, rustic feel.

4. Modern Industrial

Add a touch of modernity to your industrial-inspired space with white washed wood walls. Pair them with metal accents and sleek furniture for an edgy yet relaxed look.

5. Bohemian Chic

Embrace your inner free spirit with white washed wood walls in a bohemian-inspired space. Layer them with colorful textiles and eclectic furniture for a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere.

6. Coastal Farmhouse Fusion

If you can’t choose between coastal and farmhouse styles, why not combine them? White washed wood walls can seamlessly blend these two aesthetics, creating a unique and charming space.

7. Scandinavian Coastal

For a fresh take on the coastal theme, incorporate white washed wood walls in a Scandinavian-inspired space. Pair them with light, airy fabrics and minimalistic furniture for a bright and breezy atmosphere.

8. Cottage Retreat

Create a cozy cottage feel with white washed wood walls. Add floral patterns, vintage furniture, and soft colors to complete the charming look.

9. Urban Loft

Bring a touch of rusticity to your urban loft with white washed wood walls. Combine them with exposed brick and modern furniture for an industrial yet cozy vibe.