Small Bedroom Side Tables: The Perfect Addition To Your Cozy Space

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Small bedroom side tables are a must-have for any bedroom, especially if you have limited space. These tables not only provide a place to put your bedside lamp and phone, but they also add a touch of style to your room.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a small bedroom side table, tips for choosing the perfect one for your space, and some of our top picks.

Benefits of Having a Small Bedroom Side Table

A small bedroom side table has many benefits, especially for those who live in smaller apartments or houses. These tables take up very little space, making them perfect for small bedrooms. They also offer a convenient place to store your belongings, such as books, glasses, and other items you might need before going to bed. Additionally, they can complete the look of your bedroom by adding a touch of style.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Small Bedroom Side Table

When choosing a small bedroom side table, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the size of your room and the table. You want to make sure that the table fits comfortably in your space without taking up too much room. Second, think about the style of your room and choose a table that complements it. Finally, consider the storage options available on the table. Do you want a table with drawers or shelves for extra storage?

Our Top Picks for Small Bedroom Side Tables

1. The Ikea Rissna Side Table – This table is perfect for small bedrooms, as it takes up very little space. It has a sleek design and comes in a variety of colors to match any decor.

2. The West Elm Penelope Nightstand – This table is a bit more expensive, but it is well worth the investment. It has a modern design and offers plenty of storage with its two drawers.

3. The Wayfair Basics End Table – This table is affordable and perfect for those on a budget. It has a classic design and offers a small shelf for storage.


A small bedroom side table is a great addition to any bedroom. It offers a place to store your belongings and adds a touch of style to your room. When choosing a small bedroom side table, be sure to consider the size, style, and storage options available. With so many great options on the market, you are sure to find the perfect one for your space.


Q: Can a small bedroom side table be used for anything other than a bedside table?

A: Yes! Small bedroom side tables can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a plant stand, a place to store extra blankets, or even as a small desk.

Q: How much should I expect to spend on a small bedroom side table?

A: The cost of a small bedroom side table can vary greatly depending on the brand and style. You can find affordable options for as little as $20, or you can invest in a more expensive table for $200 or more.

Q: Can I DIY my own small bedroom side table?

A: Yes! There are many DIY tutorials available online that show you how to create your own small bedroom side table using materials such as wood and metal.