40 Christmas Stockings And Ideas To Use Them For Decor

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Christmas Stockings Decorating Ideas


Christmas stockings are a popular symbol of the holiday season. They are not only used to hold small gifts and treats but also serve as a decorative element in homes during the festive season. With a wide variety of stockings available in various designs and materials, you can easily find the perfect ones to match your Christmas decor theme. In this article, we will explore 40 different Christmas stockings and provide ideas on how to use them for decor.

1. Traditional Red and White Stockings

The classic red and white stockings are timeless and can be easily incorporated into any Christmas decor. Hang them on the fireplace mantel or staircase railing for a traditional touch.

2. Personalized Stockings

Add a personal touch to your Christmas decor with personalized stockings. Get stockings embroidered with names or initials of family members and hang them on stocking holders.

3. Knitted Stockings

Knitted stockings add a cozy and rustic charm to your Christmas decor. Hang them on a rustic wooden ladder or use them as tree ornaments for a warm and inviting look.

4. Plaid Stockings

Plaid stockings are perfect for a traditional or farmhouse-themed Christmas decor. Hang them on hooks or knobs for a stylish and festive display.

5. Felt Stockings

Felt stockings come in various colors and designs, making them versatile for different decor styles. Hang them on a decorative ladder or use them as table centerpieces for a unique touch.

6. Sequin Stockings

Add some sparkle and glamour to your Christmas decor with sequin stockings. Hang them on a garland or use them as part of a dazzling holiday centerpiece.

7. Animal-themed Stockings

Animal-themed stockings featuring adorable characters like reindeers, penguins, or snowmen can be a fun addition to your Christmas decor. Hang them on a wall or use them as chair covers for a playful touch.

8. Vintage Stockings

Bring a nostalgic feel to your Christmas decor with vintage stockings. Look for stockings with old-fashioned designs or opt for antique stockings for an authentic vintage look.

9. DIY Stockings

Get creative and make your own Christmas stockings for a personalized touch. Use fabric, felt, or even repurpose old sweaters to create unique stockings that reflect your style and creativity.

10. Stockings with Pockets

Stockings with pockets are not only great for holding small gifts but also serve as decorative wall organizers. Hang them near the entrance or in the kitchen to keep small items organized during the holiday season.


Christmas stockings are not just for stuffing with gifts but also offer endless possibilities for creative decor ideas. Whether you opt for traditional red and white stockings or go for unique and personalized designs, they are sure to add charm and festive spirit to your home during the holiday season. Explore the various options available and have fun incorporating stockings into your Christmas decor this year!